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I have been communicating through my writing and photography since I was a kid with pen and paper and my first camera. On this page I am just as likely to share a personal essay or piece of fiction as I am my photographs, which are often of nature but on any given day will be wherever the muse takes me.

I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and pictures. And thanks for reading!


Utica College and Me


“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


I was fortunate when it came to education. My parents did not go to college and while furthering my education after high school was discussed at the dinner table and with the school’s guidance counselor, it wasn’t just presumed that I would attend college. But we lived in a small town in upstate NY and I knew I needed to get out and go live in the world. College looked to be the way to do it—plus

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The Window Washer Woman

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We travel to the same beachfront community almost every summer. On each visit one of the first things we do is drive along the main street, which is challenging in the best of times when we arrive in the early morning hours as delivery trucks outnumber people, and nerve-racking in the worst of times when we arrive later in the day and visitors jockey for space with bicycle riders, dog-walkers, new parents pushing baby carriages, and quick-darting joggers. We cruise slowly and look for familiar restaurants, tee-shirt shops, our favorite news store, seafood market,
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I’ve been meaning to write more every day for a while now. Not weeks. Not months. I’m talking a year or two. I have some great excuses—don’t we all—not enough time, don’t know what I want to write about, do I have something I want to share because heaven knows there’s a lot of content in the world wide universe that is cluttering up the place.

But I have a novel—or two—I would like to revisit. I know I have to get in there and do some major rewriting and I feel like the training wheels fell off the bike.

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